PQ- Le Pain Quotidien #70
Al Shaya
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5 Stars31.12.2019
شكرا كل شيء ممتاز
1 Stars25.8.2019
.زياده عدد الكاشيرات
0.5 Stars23.4.2019
We were a party of 8 for breakfast but they seemed overwhelmed. Everything was slow, we repeatedly needed to ask for basic things such as cutlery, glasses. We ordered a bread basket for the table, and they only brought one (clearly not enough for 8 people) and no jam trolly. Also two people ordered eggs that they couldn't east as they were a bit smelly and very runny. One returned the runny eggs, asking for to be firmer, but it returned exactly the same. The team was the same as I always encounter at Marina Crescent but this Friday everything was off. I don't think we will repeat it.
0.5 Stars23.3.2019
If it weren’t for the view in marina crescent, there’s little reason to choose PQ instead of others in the same location. Last visit was a busy Friday morning with slow service and undercooked eggs.
3 Stars29.12.2017
I love the Speculoos spread and having breakfast at PQ 😍
5 Stars29.12.2016
I go there on a daily basis
0.5 Stars6.12.2016
If it weren't for the great Marina location and tasty bread, just another casual dining/coffee shop. Their shrimp salad tasted frozen, salmon salad also not fresh. And their hot cider tea was extremely sweet. Always slightly surprised by the blandness of their food when ambience suggests otherwise. Staff friendly but inattentive.
0.5 Stars4.12.2016
While I would love it if PQ delivered on my expectations, it does not. The areas where I think they could improve are (in no particular order): faster service and bringing all of the order at one time or in a reasonably close time, better tasting food with a higher level of consistency, less noisy environment (especially indoors where it is very uncomfortably disturbing at times), and more frequent cleaning. When I go, I tend to go for brunch on the weekend (Marina Mall) and that is admittedly when they are busiest. Still, the culmination of the above make me hesitant to return to PQ when there are better (for me) alternatives.
3 Stars20.7.2016
Last time i was there they made a mistake with my salad dressing, I just made a point of it to the waiter but still had my dinner and enjoyed it. The waiter later surprised me with a complementary dessert! they're one of my favorite places for a reason! Wonderful service
5 Stars30.12.2015
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