Le Relais De L Entrecote #86
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0.5 Stars2.3.2020
Nothing compared with the one in France. I felt dizzy because of their sauce here. No wonder it’s often empty.
2.5 Stars8.2.2017
Should add more items in the menu
2 Stars29.12.2016
Get back to the source or the country you where getting your steak from coz the one you are serving now is chewy and has no taste. It's cheap meat .
0.5 Stars9.7.2016
Order took time to arrive and didn't come at once. Sauces good but not great.
3 Stars1.10.2014
ان تكون جوده اللحمه وطريقة الشواء والصوص المقدم متشابهه بين افرع هذا المطعم، فحسب تجربتي ان فرع الفنار هو الافضل اما باقي افرعه فقد صادفت بعض الاختلاف في الطعم.. كما اني اتمنى توفير لباس انسب للنادلات فهو جدا قصير
2.5 Stars1.10.2014
الإستمرار ف العمل الجيد والطموح للأفضل
0.5 Stars22.7.2014
الاكل مقابل السعر 👎
1.5 Stars28.3.2014
no standard of steak weight, not always the same
0.5 Stars16.1.2014
They changed their prices by 1.800 kd ! Just like that over night and steak was cold
1.5 Stars5.1.2014
I go for the food but I recommend better staff and perhaps music in the background because all I could hear where the staff speaking to each other. Also they seem like they want to get rid of you quickly, the waitress brings over the check without me asking and she takes my plate away without asking as well. Thank you I hope you're able to make my favourite restaurant Better.

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