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3 Stars22.12.2020
بصراحه كافيه يهبل لذيذ موطفين كل مبتسمين ودودين. يضحكون مع اطفال اطباق مشالله جربت معجنات وكيكه روعه بصراحه طلبت حق ولدي موكا بارد كانت مر. كلمت موظقه غيرتها يابت وحده ثانيه. بعدها تسالين وتحاتيمشوربات بيلهم تعديل ما عجبتني مشروبا
0.5 Stars16.1.2020
I just visited the Marina Mall branch for an Alshaya Card transaction and I got a quick response from the counter saying their till machine is not working. Come on, don’t trade for the day if your machines are not working. At least offer alternatives to your customer! Great Job, or NOT!
3 Stars31.8.2019
consistently good food and friendly staff even when busy
2.5 Stars29.6.2019
Great pastries but coffee acidic for someone who loves coffee. Team are friendly and helpful
3 Stars14.2.2019
Delicious menu, wide variety of cakes & pastries, prices are really good, friendly staff & fast service, very clean & neat

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