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0.5 Stars26.10.2022
no idea why everyone is obsessed with this place. the drinks are super small and overpriced and not inherently special.
3 Stars10.9.2022
I love this restaurant but their salads are very expensive compared to the portions, but still would recommend it
3 Stars12.10.2021
Dhai mall branch staff are the best.
3 Stars29.8.2021
جيد جدا لكن الكميات المطلوبة أصبحت صغيرة .
2.5 Stars2.2.2021
The food is lovely and affordable. The coffee is nice and also the ambience. I would want for more choices of cakes.
1.5 Stars14.11.2020
They delivered right to my office very quickly and when I was missing something in my order, they fixed it right away. Their service is very good and food is clean.
1.5 Stars4.2.2020
In the store food didn't look so fresh
2.5 Stars31.12.2019
جيد لكن الاسعار مغالى فيها
0.5 Stars25.12.2019
The time between ordering and receiving the food is longer than it should be, especially when ordering a la carte
0.5 Stars23.12.2019
I love the concept, but the taste of the food always under delivers. They need to revisit their menu and do some reassessment of the taste profile. I mean that as constructive criticism and so would love to want to eat there more often.

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