Solo Tacos #68
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3 Stars28.5.2024
The food is not what it used to be, the meat tacos were a bit salty and quite expensive. Also, their side dishes are way too pricey for the lack of flavor. If you have such a limited menu the food you are serving should be amazing.
1 Stars27.6.2022
Staff should be more aware of the menu. Tortillas didn't taste freshly made. The tacos were great though.
1 Stars14.11.2020
The quesadilla are really really dry and empty
1 Stars5.10.2020
Was very disappointed in the burrito. It was dry and empty.
5 Stars22.1.2020
Looooove their bean burritos and how they use fresh ingredients. Recommend it to everyone.
3 Stars30.4.2019
I love this restaurant and go often because it is close to my work. I recently noticed there is a change in the taste of the guacamole though and I tried to tell one of the employees but they didn't get what I said. I think sometimes they add too much coriander to it. Otherwise, I love this place! They tell you all about the calories and nutritional value of what you are eating, their prices are not bad, and they are very friendly. I would recommend it to anyone looking to try a nice new Mexican place in Kuwait.
0.5 Stars26.4.2019
Friendly and endearing place. Tacos good not great.

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