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0.5 Stars14.9.2022
they're really overpriced and coffee isn't good and food never looks appetizing. it's clear people only go for the open space and wifi, to study/meet
3 Stars1.12.2021
The staff there is AMAZING! They really make my day every time I visit
3 Stars15.11.2021
It's waaaaaaaaaaaay to expensive. The other day I got 2 drinks and a brownie for 6 KD.... Thankfully they have a reward program and I get a drink after 7 drinks.
3 Stars20.10.2019
Quiet study area upstairs is perfect.
5 Stars23.9.2019
حبيت كل شي فيه اتمنى يكبرون المكان ويكون له افرع أخرى
0.5 Stars1.7.2019
اسعارهم عاليه

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