Pilates and more Women Health Club #16
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5 Stars30.11.2020
The facility is absolutely fantastic. They have every equipment. But couldn't be with them anymore as they changed their location
0.5 Stars27.1.2020
It costs more that it deserves. The place is small and rarely there is oxygene in there.
0.5 Stars24.11.2019
For the price you pay, you’d expect it to be cleaner, better quality of training and more geared towards pilates and yoga rather than random classes. False advertising by the name
3 Stars17.11.2019
I wish they had a better social media page to view their schedule and classes.
0.5 Stars11.3.2019
Just a regular Gym with regular courses Nothing exceptional When I asked about Pilates session (Kim Kardashian's famous sessions) they said this is not included , you have to pay for personal trainer and pay 20 kd for the session !! Courses finish really early, like last course is at 6 pm , not easy for someone who is working Friday is off ! Loss of money
5 Stars21.1.2019
اضافة حمام سباحة بمدربة في فرع حولي اضافة مكان لاستقبال الاطفال للامهات
5 Stars13.7.2017
النادي بحاجة لتكبير و توفير مواقف سيارات
0.5 Stars16.2.2017
Will not go back again
5 Stars7.10.2016
The price is sooooo high

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