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3 Stars31.8.2022
Coach Mahrez is the best
1 Stars19.2.2022
Assign clear schedule to clean the facility especially sauna jacuzzi and regularly do maintenance right now it's poor not proper follow up and they mess with the panel other than that mgmt.
3 Stars17.1.2022
Coach Mahrez the Tunisian guy is the best coach, I recommended all of my friends and family members and many liked the place coz of him. Keep going.
3 Stars17.12.2020
enough equipments especially peak season. i dont have to wait in line especially in treadmill
0.5 Stars15.9.2020
النادي متواضع جدا وفوضى و زحمة بسبب دخول اقارب و اصدقاء الموظفين دون اشتراك مما تسبب في مضايقه الاعضاء والمسبح متسخ بسبب تناول الطعام فيه
3 Stars28.2.2020
نادي جميل اشتركت فيه ٣ شهور وكل شي جيد ومناسب للشباب والاطفال ولديهم كل سبل الرياضه والترفيه ومكانه في فندق كراون بلازا الفروانيه
2.5 Stars27.1.2020
Before it was a better place, i do not know why they do not want to expand into different sport types classes and make new things. Management plays a role.
1.5 Stars17.12.2019
Dislike:Very old machines, crowded, not very clean Bathrooms, uncovered pool
3 Stars6.12.2019
مشكلته المصافط فقط .. مكانه ممتاز وسهل الوصول له وكنادي كامل بجميع الاجهزه

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