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3 Stars24.9.2021
Need branches in Kuwait.
3 Stars4.9.2019
Texas was good at a time but now it needs much improvement Though it provides great offers but the food does not seem fresh at all branchesMostly the chicken is black with blood from insideGood point is the staff changes the piece when asked tohoney butter biscuits are good
2 Stars14.2.2019
لذيذ فعلا احبه
3 Stars29.1.2019
تحسين جودة الأكل
0.5 Stars30.12.2018
الطعم لذيذ و المشكلة بالاسعار و مواقع المطعم و بطأ التوصيل و حل المشكلة اختفى المطعم لعله اغلق للاسف
2 Stars30.12.2018
I personally think texas chicken is underrated, it used to be my favorite restaurant long time ago, but sadly they stopped introducing any new items to the menu so I kinda lost interest a bit, but still whenever I go back there to order some of my favorite orders they never fail to deliver.
3 Stars29.12.2018
الدجاج لذيذ وطعمه لايقل عن كنتاكي وممكن افضل ومكانه في الافينوز جميل واطلالته حلوة وبالتوفيق

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