Popeyes #25
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0.5 Stars31.12.2020
Better options out there and tastier too
3 Stars15.12.2019
زيادة عدد الفروع وتقديم خصومات وعروض اكثر وتنويع اكثر بالوجبات المقدمة
5 Stars26.10.2019
Serve fresh and hot products. They share promos and educate good food pairing.
0.5 Stars9.3.2019
البطاط ملئ بالملح و الطعام غير لذيذ
5 Stars4.2.2019
The bread is delicious, but please open more branches and do some marketing.
5 Stars30.12.2018
Nothing gonna change, all was great
5 Stars26.12.2018
الدجاج طعمه رائع والروبيان لذيذ
5 Stars8.12.2018
One of my favorite place was popeyes its great i love it and its very good
1 Stars28.11.2018
Chicken is TASTY. Wedges is GOOD. BUT this is only if its still HOT when delivered. warm FOOD is useless. POPEYES tastiness is when the food is still hot/newly cooked. SO delivery guy should deliver it fast. Some Call Center agents are soft spoken and you can order fast and smooth but if its others expect that you will have a hard time and some of your order is different when you receive it. so I hope the company will assign a person who accept orders that is fluent in both Arabic and English language for faster and easy order taking. PLEASE return the old PROMOS!!!

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