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1 Stars9.9.2022
Prices may be a little high for delivery but their products and website are easy to use
3 Stars29.12.2020
خدمة سريعة وثقة 👍🏻
3 Stars22.12.2020
اكثر من رائع وخدمة التوصيل جيدة جدا .
0.5 Stars28.11.2020
technical support team not fixing their offers, and promotional code is not working and the terms and technical issue with their codes offers and call centre staff faced..
1.5 Stars4.11.2020
الابليكيشن تحتاج تحديث لتكون اسرع و اسهل بالاستخدام .
3 Stars12.10.2020
It helped us alot when we are tired and dont want to go some place to pick the item as well as when places are very far...

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