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3 Stars5.6.2022
make sure nurseries include descriptions of the plants they've posted on the app
0.5 Stars7.12.2020
اسعار مرتفعة جدا جدا !
5 Stars22.11.2020
Their delivery is so quick! It’s amazing
0.5 Stars5.11.2020
Likes:it's a good option for ease of ordering plants and related products from home but almost everything is overpriced for the quality.they have categories and filter which makes it somewhat easier to find suitable of the BEST feature of website is it product info section which gives you almost all the necessary details that you need to know.Dislikes:the website search is very limited, especially when searching with plant need to spend a lot of time to find the product you changes are never the same as shown initially, until you select area during checkout. (no fixed rate)no proper details are given as to when you will receive your order.

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