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Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Commercial Co.
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5 Stars20.2.2024
the online prices are very much less that the local market prices. they change the dollars to Kuwaiti dinars for the same number
0.5 Stars31.12.2023
prices increased and quality decreased
5 Stars28.12.2023
I have always been attached with Nike. My daily clothes have to have an item from Nike. I visit the stores regulary and it's always great to hunt for great deals there.
5 Stars6.11.2023
Nike has the best football shoes or sports shoes everytime if i want a sport shoes i buy from them the quality is 10/10 buy from them
5 Stars26.8.2023
My favorite brand 🥰🥰🥰
1 Stars21.6.2023
Good Collection of Sports Items.
0.5 Stars12.4.2023
الاسعار ارتفعت اكثر من الاول .
5 Stars9.4.2023
Open more online areas, perfect quality and durability, my favourite shoes.

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