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3 Stars29.11.2023
The quality of the clothing is impressive. The fabrics and craftsmanship of the items I purchased exceeded my expectations. It's apparent that your shop prioritizes offering high-quality products to its customers.
3 Stars26.11.2023
some items are over priced
0.5 Stars14.11.2023
receiving incomplete products - no contact just chatting - long time to receive the products
3 Stars9.10.2023
Centrepopint was our first choice when the kids were smaller. as they have quality of products and same time not very cheap and nor expensive. soafter kids grown up not visiting alot. toys section is still attractive for kids and they have offers there as well.. but stil centre points variety, store and price is not attracting us much now.
3 Stars18.9.2023
I am happy with Centerpoint shopping - When it comes to new clothes first choice Centerpoint , Only unhappy with counter assitance part poor handling, long que :)
3 Stars14.6.2023
متجر رائع يتوقر به خيارات كثيره و ماركات متنوعهفي مبالغه بأسعار بعض المنتجات حتي بالرغم من وجود تخفيضات عليها
1.5 Stars25.5.2023
فرع الأفينوز غير منظم ودائما زحمة .
1.5 Stars13.4.2023
زياده العروض و التخفيضات
3 Stars12.4.2023
زياده العروض .
2.5 Stars9.4.2023
زياده العروض و استمرارها لمده اطول

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