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0.5 Stars25.5.2023
The service on the ground floor was terrible. No one to help, and the changing room was a mess with dresses, and one of the servers knocked and opened my door to take out clothes from a previous client in the changing room, while I was undressed however, the first floor service was much better, I was told I would be called for a dress alteration, but I never did get a call
1.5 Stars4.1.2023
اسعارهم بها ارتفاع
1.5 Stars28.12.2022
Once you get passed perfume bombs at entrance, we found what we needed and quality seemed good. Special thanks to salesman Max for going out of his way to help us find what we wanted.
0.5 Stars13.12.2022
وايد اسعارهم مبالغ فيها
0.5 Stars11.9.2018
Rethink their pricing strategy. Some of the markups are obscene compared to brand pricing found internationally or even online.
2.5 Stars27.4.2018
أرجو الأهتمام بكل الأعمار
3 Stars5.12.2016
I feel like superstars when I go there :D
3 Stars1.10.2016
I love Harvey Nichols ❤️❤️❤️❤️
2.5 Stars19.1.2016
I shop at HN in London and up until recently thought the Kuwait store was overpriced with a collection that was not practical or wearable. The new buyer or who ever is choosing clothes is great so I am happy to go again. But I hate the no refund policy! I think it is crazy to force people during sale to only exchange items. I got an exception when I complained but that is not right either
3 Stars21.12.2015
High customer service

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