The Meat Co. #34
Landmark Group
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5 Stars18.1.2020
The most i like that the staff and the atmosphere specially when they change the formal cloth with something more relevant with the atmosphere and concept also i will not forget the taste and quality of food that i got, but the value with concept like casual dining not dinning with five star is high little .
0.5 Stars27.8.2019
Decrease their prices.
1 Stars26.8.2019
.الاسعار مرتفعه
5 Stars7.8.2018
I just love it , every thing atmosphere, employee and the food all in their place make a nice sounds like when you hear nice song
1 Stars17.3.2018
Prices will smash your wallet. You make sure to go there if you really want to spend to celebrate an occasion or so and still you'll not feel sated. But the quality of meat is superb, I'll give them that.
0.5 Stars21.12.2013
Quality not worth the high price.
5 Stars31.10.2012
I just love it ..
5 Stars1.10.2012
Very expensive though

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