Dean & Deluca #47
Al Shaya
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1 Stars31.12.2023
Unlike some commenters below, our servers were friendly and apologetic for forgetting one order. The order came at a reasonable time too. The views and ambience are nice but the food is just above average. Zaatar fatayer and French toast were bland for example but falafel was good. Come for service and views, not the food.
1 Stars5.7.2023
Beautiful location and a good menu but underwhelming food taste. Only baked goods are tasty. Server hardly smiles even when we tried to engage with him. But just the view of the sea in the location near the Kuwait towers is worth it
0.5 Stars8.5.2023
سويت عيدميلادي بنتي حيل كانت المعامله سيئه باختلاف معاملتهم بعيدميلاد ولدي الاول ،فلا جابولي كيك مجاني او اظهروا مظاهر الاحتفال بالبنت و كانوا ينزلون الطلبات علي مراحل وايد اتضايقت
0.5 Stars11.4.2023
اسعارهم مرتفعه.
1 Stars1.2.2023
Food is really great but service is terrible. Long wait and then they take forever to serve you and bring you your check. It's clear they're understaffed.
5 Stars21.12.2022
الخدمه بطيئه ببعض الفروع
0.5 Stars28.9.2022
الاسعار عاليه جدا
5 Stars16.2.2022
Little expensive
0.5 Stars1.9.2021
جدا مستواهم تراجع عن الاول من حيث الجوده و كميه الاكل المقدم

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