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0.5 Stars10.1.2022
You need to improve the customer services
5 Stars9.11.2019
A superb food, the burger is amazing so delicious and service was on excellent level.
5 Stars5.4.2018
الاهتمام بتوسيع مساحات الفروع الاهتمام باختيار موظفينهم
3 Stars17.3.2018
Just make sure you go there in non-lunch, non-dinner times, and of course never in weekends. The location is horrible. You'll often have no place to park. And if you made it and reached the restaurant, you'll have to wait a lifetime to have a meal as people there are sitting above each other. Not the perfect environment for a nice meal at all!! Although their commando fries is almost the best starter dish I've ever had.
3 Stars4.2.2015
need a branch to cover avenues
3 Stars12.11.2014
Open more branches and spread more across kuwait. Loved the restaurants unique setting and atmosphere. The menu was innovative and servers are helpful and very friendly

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