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1 Stars18.12.2018
I've had their breakfast menu a few times, and more often at first. Their servers are knowledgeable and friendly, so no complaints there. But their menu has changed a few times over the years and that's often a good thing, but not in Posh's case. Offering deep fried foods is fine, especially since the market demands it. But not everyone is looking to go back to sleep at 10AM. The breakfast culture in Kuwait is changing ever so slowly towards one of proper nutrition, yet places such as Posh are lagging in this department. It is the duty of the restaurant owner to consider the health of their customers and not simply their pockets. Their location is quite optimal within the mall, and with so much local and international foot traffic, catering to a more health conscious segment is the way forward. This deep fried relationship to food is very shortsighted.
0.5 Stars4.10.2012
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