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0.5 Stars6.11.2022
Not happy with service
5 Stars10.8.2022
RAK BANK is best bank to support the lowered salery people's ,it always care for customer and provide Best solution for their financial needs ,,staff always very helpful and knowledgeable.
5 Stars9.8.2022
Pls add more atm machine in different area, malls also in metro stn.
5 Stars5.5.2022
I had faced online fraud, and once I realized what had happened, I called the bank and immediately they blocked my account and informed me to visit the bank and apply for the replacement card. And staff at branch was helpful and it stress free process and within 5 days I received replacement card.
5 Stars29.3.2022
Im very satisfied with their service. CS good attititude and helpful. I hope they reduce fee transaction for sending money or bank transfer. Also give points every time using your card 😊😊😊 no need to withdraw cash 😁😁😁
5 Stars4.2.2022
It's great pleasure to bank with RAK BANK,it is very innovative and professional with its services and products which are very helpful to customer. They care a lot for customer satisfaction and their financial requirements.
0.5 Stars3.1.2022
Extremely disappointing!!! Calling their Cust Service up to sending email is the hardest part! Every agent has their own policy and rules to their customer. Requesting will take standard of 3-5 business days even a little request, they need to schedule it so maybe few agents they, hire if you are less in people to accommodate your customers.
5 Stars14.12.2021
Online apps are easy to use, customer service is helpful and polite, they will explain properly your questions and inquiries.

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