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0.5 Stars14.3.2023
Bank is very active but should put notice that their presence in malls are only for ads. Branches are less and scattered so sometimes it is hard to access which does not help their customers. Also online platform does not help much you still need to go to the branches.
3 Stars27.2.2023
Safe and Very easy access
0.5 Stars23.2.2023
The RMs should do their job, in assisting the customers, rather than playing the game of Go online and do the job. If its online, why do you have branches, and they should maintain a consistency of information across all levels
3 Stars23.8.2022
Having a sweet tooth, Mashreq Bank offers the AED 1.00 promo in Baskin & Robins ice cream house every once in a while and this is very commendable. This shows their customer-centered approach in making their clients really satisfied especially for customers who really like ice-cream.
3 Stars27.7.2022
I am happy with service and online banking
2 Stars21.6.2022
Staff should call back IF they inform the customer to expect a call back or if the customer has requested/been assured a call back.
3 Stars20.4.2022
MAshley Neo Marketing need more focus
3 Stars5.4.2022
i hope they revised terms on loan restructure. instead of waiting 2 years i hope they can lessen it to atleast 1 yr to avail top up again
0.5 Stars1.3.2022
i open an accout 15 days before and still i am waiting for account activation , he give me 3 days time for ectivation and still same coming on screen wait. how is the service .

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