About us

Like you, we care about service.

Service Hero is a unique concept solely focused on collecting the voice of customers on service standards and creating a list of service providers ranked by category.

Service Hero was established by a team of professionals keen on identifying companies that are service leaders in their market. This team is backed by an Advisory Council, Academic & Independent, which assures results that are impartial, objective and accurately reflect people's preference. Our main goal is to measure the satisfaction level in the market by real consumers in order to help and empower companies to improve their service levels.

To be the leading authority on service quality rates, standards and practices in the Middle East.
To create a people-driven platform for voting on service quality. To provide companies with the knowledge and tools needed to track and improve performance. To use the best tools and methods for customer care.

Credibility, Integrity and relevance

All data and reports we produce are vetted by strict statistical models, rules and procedures to ensure robust and representative data.

We are completely neutral and unbiased in our reporting – our only bias is to always report the true picture based on consumer feedback

Relevance: The selection of which areas to study and which findings to report on to the market is driven by reporting on data that is of value to consumers and companies alike

Service Hero is comprised of a dynamic and dedicated team of individuals with varied professional and academic backgrounds. Our team has rich experience in market research, statistics, and analysis, as well as digital development, programming, design and communication. Members come from a variety of industries including market research, banking, consulting and software development.

Faten Abu-Ghazaleh
Faten Abu-Ghazaleh

President & Founder

Did you know?

64% of transactions still take place in a store or branch, 14% are through an Application and 6% are Phone based.
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