Service Hero index score

Service Hero index score

We've all had our good and bad service experiences. And now there is a way to express these feelings in a secure and reliable way.

Our rating platform empowers consumers like you to rate the service quality of places you visit, like your bank, café, mobile operator and car garage. Your ratings tell companies their strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with competitors. Your ratings also provide industry averages and an overall country average which can be compared on a global scale.

Since 2010, the Service Hero Index has measured over 300,000 consumer voices covering more than 300 private sector companies.

Every assessment you make empowers you to make a difference. The more you rate, the more your voice will be heard. Service Hero's online rating system allows quick, candid and secure assessments measuring eight key service dimensions using a simple 10 point scale.

Service Hero's assessment method is statistically rigorous, robust and relevant. From representative sample sizes to service quality checks and ratings scales, Service Hero's Index provides a rigorous annual snapshot of consumer feelings.