Panda Chinese Restaurant #19
Gourmet Gulf
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3 Stars27.3.2023
the food is really nice what makes the full experience perfect the staff attitude when the staff are happy, they will be serving the food and quality, and the value of moneyalways take care of the staff who is dealing with the customers face to face
3 Stars25.10.2022
I love the food here. The orange chicken is a must try here.
3 Stars23.8.2022
I really love the orange chicken..
2 Stars31.5.2022
suggestions more store and more new products.
3 Stars6.9.2021
the food served on the plate is worth the price hope more offers
3 Stars2.9.2021
ممتاز ف التعامل
3 Stars7.7.2021
train staff well.. more orange chicken please
0.5 Stars23.2.2021
food is overpriced.too much waiting time for A la carte orders. combo meals have too little meat .atleast a salad or soup can be included with the combo.
3 Stars11.10.2020
I like the consistency of the taste and the quantity of amount of food that they serve
0.5 Stars24.5.2020
The staff not dealing with you on the good way in arabian center dubai

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