Popeyes #15
Royal Group
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5 Stars27.3.2023
this brand is a hidden gem, the meniration of the chicken is really good the basic of serving chicken with mash potato and corn are still amazing love having dinner at this place 😋
3 Stars17.1.2023
make coleslaw consistent
5 Stars4.10.2022
اتمنى لهم النجاح
3 Stars31.8.2022
Popeyes is really good. The portion sizes are big compared to others. Always have offers. My only concern would be onion rings, they are good but could be better.
5 Stars7.7.2022
There are various value meals you can choose from...and this is a good thing. The prices for the deals they offer are very reasonable. The chicken was very delicious and the biscuit included in the meal was very distinctly Popeye's. The staff in Al Dhiyafa Br are very accommodating and courteous. They know their products very well and they deserve some commendations. Good job Popeye's Al Dhiyafa Br.
3 Stars14.5.2022
Food is delicious. Branch location near our home. service is awesome.
3 Stars9.5.2022
Very tasty and value for money.
3 Stars26.2.2022
I really appreciate the staff and the food. My only comment is that its salty. The french fries and the bread is kinda salty. For me, the chicken quiet taste good and nice.
1 Stars19.1.2022
Costly, was not really cooked well

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