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3 Stars11.11.2022
سرعة الخدمة
0.5 Stars31.10.2022
I bought TV two times from Jumbo Abu Dhabi. and I received it broken two times also :).Still, I appreciate the customer service and helpful staff which made a full refund without any difficulties.
2 Stars10.10.2022
I went to City Center Deira to buy phone...first so many staff standing near the entrance but without enthusiasm...its like you buy big phone then only they will help you. just to check I asked about iPhone they don't even have IPhone Pro display. not even 13 Pro only max on display... so I asked can I see Pro he said we don't display...and he thought that I will not buy so he did even show the enthusiasm...
3 Stars28.8.2022
Jumbo Electronics is very well organized stores with all latest products , laptops,mobiles,in good prices,sales staff is very professional and knowledgeable with good help to customer always,need improvement in after sales services which are still not up to good level
3 Stars23.8.2022
CS is very helpful
1 Stars28.7.2022
Great customer service and products however similar brands can be purchased from the competitors for a lesser price
3 Stars25.7.2022
JUMBO is very professional and unique electronic store ,with best quality of products and services, it always care more about customer ,that's it attends customer very past and politely
3 Stars13.2.2022
The best place to get electronics from. They have great offers throughout the year.
1 Stars29.12.2021
يفضل فتح فروع ف كل امارات الدوله بمساحات وعروض كبيره
0.5 Stars22.10.2021
انشاء فروع صغيره ف امكان كثيره

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