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3 Stars16.5.2023
Life Pharmacy attained to be a better pharmacy provider in the country, and with their persistence to bring in more trainees to the block, building up a well established brands for the newbies in the industry. Their product spread has improved although they have the monopoly on food supplements and vitamins, and drive their sales on the BOGO offers, and during their launch they offer FOC for all their customers. This seems to be a creative in their offering and strategies to entice larger consumer base
0.5 Stars16.5.2023
I usually buy product in life pharmacy online, but since there is no cash on delivery i asked my husband to check on physical store. My husband asked the lady if the promotion online is available in store purchase, she said i will check and give the mobile number. When he gave, she said no. Then my husband told her that he will buy the urgent meds and other we will buy online to get the promotion. The lady encode all the meds on the system and told my husband that she cant void it😏. I dont believe that, besides no one asked her to encode all the meds on the prescription. So disappointed. Btw she is the same lady that offering different meds even you asked for other meds lol, thats why i prefer online purchase.
0.5 Stars12.4.2023
Everytime i will order online even though you pay for the aed 3 for fast delivery, it never happens. The delivery still takes time. Cost of the products are reasonable and the staff on the counters are great. But delivery wise is always very late. Over the counter is much better than their app.
3 Stars15.3.2023
I like how the Life pharmacy give freebies and also how they put sale on medical section. Once I buy a medicine for more that 100 aed and guess what?! I bought a glucometer for just 1 AED !!! Isn’t it amazing?? Actually its my second time to buy a glucometer that is 1 AED I already had two yay!! Hoping for more freebies in Life. Oh and also the delivery very fast and always on time 😘
1 Stars15.3.2023
Order delivery is always on time. Efficient service. Love the variety of promotions too!
2 Stars13.2.2023
Life pharmacy is growing fast with its quality service and home delivery,it's nice all your medicine and medical needs easy reaches home with life pharmacy,need make more rewarding system,
3 Stars29.12.2022
خدماتهم ممتازة بكل المقاييس واسعارهم تناسب جميع الفئات وخدمة التوصيل لديهم سريعة
3 Stars26.12.2022
Life Pharmacy especially in dosseldorf building al barsha 1 is really good when it comes to staff and dealing with customer. But in other life pharmacy branch in al barsha 1 in elite building customer service in not good.
2 Stars26.12.2022
If the item is out of stock, based on the nearest pharmacy outlet, please either cancel and refund, or commit as to when it will be actually delivered. I ordered via the app on 23 Dec for a Dettol hand sanitizer and they informed it’s not on stock and will be delivered from the warehouse by the next day. 26 Dec now and nothing has been received.
3 Stars26.12.2022
Good experience overall

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