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1 Stars16.5.2023
Careem Now has been slated to be a super app, with the food delivery there are limitations within the country, with very few restaurants available to service the customers, while in the past they have been victims of cyber threats, the data has been compromised, so the data isn't safe. Additionally, the value of money is not well placed where the spread of partners to assist.
0.5 Stars16.5.2023
Im staying away from careem as last year unauthorized purchase on my card at careem. Though careem very helpful tracing the transaction, still im using careem in cash bases now, no card at all. But there service was good
3 Stars17.1.2023
I like their service especially the Careem Plus subscription. Please include more restaurants on your list and on the Careem Plus.
2 Stars29.12.2022
Thank you for giving discounts
3 Stars8.12.2022
اختيار افضل للسائقين
3 Stars8.12.2022
Add more restaurants. Surprisingly, Starbucks is not included on the list restaurants/shops they cater for delivery.
3 Stars21.11.2022
Now is growing very fast with its disciplined service and quality of products ,more it had good reward program also,it's always pleasure to be a customer for careem Now.
3 Stars23.8.2022
With a good promotion
3 Stars17.8.2022
Cream Now is very trustworthy and innovative delevery service company which had very professional staff and delevery very fast and safe,
3 Stars28.7.2022
Cream now very fast growing delevery service and groceries supply company it always had good commitment to customer service and very fast delivery

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