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1 Stars19.3.2018
المكان ظريف ولكن يجب تزويد العروض وتنويع المنتجات التي تلائم المحجبات
0.5 Stars5.9.2016
My response may seem very extreme, but this is infact how I felt after my last purchase. I had been a longtime customer of this brand, even took family and friends when they come to visit me in Dubai. However after making purchases totally 1000dhs, on my last visit, I was disappointed with the run around I got when I voiced my concerns regarding a the top I bought that had color leaking throughout the fabric after only one time wearing the top. I went to two locations (dubai marina and MOE) and responses were inconsistent, in the end the issue was never resolved! Hence why, I will no longer spend my money there or endorse them!

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