Sun & Sand Sports #14
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0.5 Stars26.12.2022
Staff have untrained, have little to no product knowledge and do not or can not interact/advice on the technical products or equipment. The management need to invest on their staff
0.5 Stars14.2.2022
their products are of great quality, but i would prefer buying an adidas shoe from an adidas shop. They inflate the prices heavily for some of their products
2 Stars23.12.2021
Needs more staff to accommodate all the customers but the products are all good quality.
3 Stars29.8.2021
Hopefully they have new vanz designs
0.5 Stars20.8.2021
Hhighly over priced. Same brand of shoes are available in other stores for lesser. Had bought value for money shoes some years ago. Sadly that's not the case anymore.
1 Stars8.3.2021
Sun and Sands is one roof with all the sports brands together making it easy for us to shift between multiple brands. They have good offers and many collections.
3 Stars6.2.2021
My first option when it comes to sales shoe items, lots of options, and the staff are very helpful and approachable.
3 Stars24.1.2021
Good quality items, though most branded shoes in sss have also in their own independent store. Probably they would just differ during the sale.
3 Stars29.12.2020
When it comes to branded stuffs we r always choosing sun and sand bcos its affordable and they have lots of branded items u can and store we always choose sun and a fan..
0.5 Stars25.12.2020
Products prices are low

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