Al-Safadi Restaurant #19
Al Safadi
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0.5 Stars11.3.2024
Going inside, I see some tables have reserved notes on them but some are not, so I decided to sit where there is no reservation on it. Then on staff came to tell that it is reserved so I moved to the other one and he told me again reserved so I told if it is reserved then why I cant see reserved on it while other tables have? But he didn't know what he will say so we decided to leave.
1 Stars26.12.2022
مراعاة الأسعار
5 Stars10.2.2022
Good food with good service.
1 Stars19.1.2022
The food used to be excellent, however, lately the quality went down a bit, grilled food is always heavy and creates stomach problems, the Falafel stands out, still excellent, but they need to review their meat selection, and go for better raw meat in order to have better grilled food.
3 Stars19.11.2021
الاكل والاستقبال جيد
5 Stars26.8.2021
The staff are friendly
5 Stars15.2.2021
speed up your service
1 Stars15.2.2021
The restaurant has a good ambience, love the taste and freshness of the food. Good customer service
5 Stars1.2.2021
Very nice food

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