Volkswagen #40
Al Nabooda Auto.
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2 Stars13.4.2024
In brief - spares are totally overpriced, booking time is slow, car was checked in for one issue and we ended up with a list of 20 items which "supposedly" needed to be changed.
0.5 Stars24.8.2021
The items are overpriced, service book-in dates are not convenient (wait time is too long), unnecessary repairs are proposed eg when the item can be replaced after 6 months the same is proposed to be done asap. Call backs are rare and "incharge staff" are never available for a phone consultation. Customer service needs to be improved
5 Stars7.1.2021
Parts are overpriced than outside market
5 Stars26.9.2019
Costly parts and labour charges. Rest all i liked
0.5 Stars25.11.2018
should provide pick up and drop off services
5 Stars12.11.2018
they should add more branches to cover Dubai from the south side
0.5 Stars24.12.2017
Very bad
3 Stars24.12.2017
service team have to improve a lot to satisfy the customer.
5 Stars9.12.2017
خفض أسعار القطع وتقديم بعض الهدايا التذكارية خصوصا للاطفال
3 Stars26.7.2016
More customer interaction. And staff need to improve their customer services skills

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