Nissan #31
Arabian Automobiles (Al Rostamani)
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5 Stars11.12.2022
زياده الموظفين العرب
5 Stars23.8.2022
Best car service
0.5 Stars12.7.2021
their after sale services are very bad, they pretend to fix my issues but in the end and after long waiting, they dont do anything, and I pay big amount for nothing
5 Stars8.11.2020
I liked the collection of cars, services and offers offered by the company. I dislike only the price factor depending on the model bought
3 Stars9.3.2020
Extend the contract of grantee.
0.5 Stars8.3.2020
Decrease the prices in general.
0.5 Stars5.3.2020
Spare parts need to be decreased.
0.5 Stars10.12.2019
مركز الصيانة بتحفظ على بعض عيوب السيارة و عدم تصليحها بشكل مناسب او صحيح مما يؤدي لتلف القطع ومن ثم يتم تحميل العميل مبلغ تصليها لانها قد خرجت من الضمان.واسعار التصليح مبالغ فيها جداً جداً.والمماطلة في اكتشاف الخطأ وحله بعد عدة ايام و ترك السيارة لفترة دون القيام باي اعمال عليها.
0 Stars23.10.2019
افضل هذه الشركه دوماً لانها الارخص ومنتجات بجوده عاليه
0.5 Stars9.8.2019
The person handling my contract in the service center had no knowledge whatsoever about the conditions and terms i had applied for earlier regarding the car I bought from them. Their service contracts are expensive and spare parts have to imbursed by the customer himself .

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