Nissan #29
Al Masaood
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0.5 Stars23.8.2022
I bought Nissan fir two years they didnot fix my cameras and the screen was very bad . Every time they said the guy who fixesis not there. Then I made accident and my car was cancelled and I was paying in advance for the service which I didnot make . They refused to give me my money back till now it has been one year and the refused to give me my money back . So they took money from me for something the did not perform any car service for
5 Stars17.4.2017
كل شيء جيد
5 Stars4.8.2016
It's website needs a lot if work
1 Stars26.7.2016
Good service but must improve on delivering timing
3 Stars25.7.2016
Customer service is friendly

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