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3 Stars20.6.2023
So far its good, it just that the aircraft is so hot inside, entertainment is not updated, but food is ok, staff are all nice
3 Stars14.3.2023
Upgrade the baggage per passenger...
3 Stars19.2.2023
This airline was good. Staff are accomodating. They really helpful with the passenger. Also their airport was clean. They make sure that their costumer have a safe and relaxing flight.
3 Stars6.3.2022
Promotional fare if possible
3 Stars14.12.2021
رائعة جدا ومن نجاح لنجاح دائما يااارب
3 Stars2.2.2021
This is my favorite Airlines so far. I love everything, from the seat to the crew. Everything. How I wish I could fly with them again
3 Stars9.1.2021
Best airlines company for me. Their foods are amazing and service and crew are all exceptional.
3 Stars29.12.2020
I like it that they have a trip from Dubai- Singapore- Davao I love my little lay over in Singapore ang the airline is just awesome
3 Stars5.9.2020
One of my favorite airlines. Great services and foods were also good. Crew staff are accommodating. Had a safe sound during landing and take off. No doubts as this airline has been chosen one of the best airlines in the world

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