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2 Stars17.2.2022
I love the airline's food when I travelled from Dubai to Manila, it's an 8 hour trip but really enjoyed food while flying!
3 Stars27.10.2021
Good & one of a kind service.
3 Stars30.8.2021
The choice and quality of food is average, the drinks are excellent, the service is good
2 Stars23.8.2021
Value of money is lesser but service is great
1 Stars5.4.2021
At first i was hesitant to try cebu pac but it was indeed practically value for money
3 Stars25.3.2021
All their crews are nice and very helpful. They are very particular in hygiene and also their foods are tasty.
2 Stars22.11.2020
i like the friendly staffs very accommodating
2 Stars9.11.2020
Fares are among the cheapest all year round. Service in flight including food are great.
2 Stars11.9.2020
Reasonable price, good food served at the plane, and in case of any few mins/hr delays, the airlines notified us in advance. Hope there can be a chance to adjust the chairs its too congested and hard to extend and relax the legs.

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