Grand Hypermarket #30
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4 Stars20.5.2024
الاهتمام بزيادة موظفين الكاشيرات وقت الزحمة
3 Stars4.5.2024
The quality of vegetables is not good
3.5 Stars28.4.2024
عروضه قليلة
3.5 Stars25.4.2024
The prices are excellent, but some of the products are not fresh
2 Stars19.4.2024
الخضروات واللحوم والأسماك غير طازجه وليست طلب اليوم
1 Stars10.3.2024
لا يوجد اهتمام بالنظافة والتنظيم وطريقة عرض المنتجات معظم السلع غير مسعرة واضطر للذهاب الى الكاشير طوال الوقت
3 Stars29.1.2024
location is problem
3 Stars29.1.2024
the staff very friendly I like to go there because of the Indian products available espacialy the spices - Salmiyah block 10 and the branch next to oncoast near Marina complex
1 Stars21.1.2024
Pramotional items prices displayed in store or in brochures not all but certain items at different occasions doesn't matches on bill at the payment counter, occurred once or twice, whenever we spot's the price difference the counter staff apologizes and corrects. This not only happened to me but for many customers. Most of customers check's the prices after leaving the store only, so they won't return because of the inconveniences in returning to store or thinking of an error occurred by the counter staff. Iam not blaming or want to blame anyone but requesting the responsible persons to take necessary steps from further happenings.

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