Subaru #30
Mohammad Saleh & Reza Yousuf Behbehani Co
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0.5 Stars13.11.2017
ارجو من الشركة توفير قطع الغيار باسعار مخفضة حتى تنافس بقوة الشركات الاخرى
0.5 Stars21.12.2012
it takes So long for Cars Servicing... it used to take half an hour in the old days with the previews dealer. now with behbehani, it got 3 brands in 1 service center...and im using my car for personal use, not like companies with big or many cars. now the oil and filter service can take up to more than 24 hours.......besides, several times, i asked for a spare part, but i was told its not available....i miss the old simple but good days.

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