Lunch Room #42
Group Six United
3 Stars (6) 5
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3 Stars28.12.2023
Menu has no discriptions but most items taste great. Staff relaxed and happy to help. View decent as mall views go.
5 Stars11.12.2023
Their breakfast menu is amazing - the lunch one is not as great. If you know what to order, its a very postive experience. Nice vibe, tasteful decor, helpful staff, and generally very good food. I hope they keep it up!
0.5 Stars16.9.2023
Lots of great tasting food mixed in with some average food. Service hit and miss, desserts served before cleaking table, menu lacks descriptions.
3 Stars9.8.2022
very slow and overpriced but very good food quality and staff very helpful. we easily moved tables after having ordered as the first table was too sunny and warm in 360 mall
5 Stars2.7.2019
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