Eggcellent #24
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5 Stars21.12.2020
ريوق مميز جذا جذا وغني ولكن عاده البيض يكون طايح من الصمون
5 Stars30.4.2019
I LOVE THIS PLACE!! THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS AND THE STAFF IS SOOOO NICE. I used to live very close to the restaurant so my husband and I used to go almost everyday. We were never disappointed and we really enjoyed their breakfast sandwiches and their drinks. Today, I ordered Eggcellent to work and they were beyond exceptional, even on the phone. I always ask for no straws and no plastic utensils and usually restaurants ALWAYS ignore my request. Eggcellent did not though and I was very very pleased. Most importantly, their food is AMAZING and you have to try it.

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