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3 Stars10.12.2022
Very good experience at Irani cuisine, at every visit.
1 Stars6.12.2019
The food is good but unlike other arabic/persian restaurants, the bread is served in a limited quantity.
0.5 Stars14.1.2019
اكلات ايرانية شرقية ، يؤخذ عليه اسعاره المرتفعة مع كمية الطعام المقدمة مايلحق الواحد يشبع بعدين المكان بحاجة الى توسع وعمل عروض وتخفيض اسعار حقيقي واضافة ماكولات يعني غير الشبزي والكباب والعيش
5 Stars27.12.2018
الاكل روعه والجوده عاليه والطعم مميز
5 Stars20.9.2018
reconsider the prices for online orders and takeouts.
5 Stars28.1.2018
honestly, if you are looking for authentic Iranian food, Shabestan is a must try! lovely place i visited in zone complex in shaab! amazing atmosphere, delicious food i recently visited and has a one meter kabab OUT OF THIS WORLD!
3 Stars28.11.2016
I highly recommend the Royal Platter (Grilled Chicken, Beef and Lamb) to all meat lovers.
1 Stars6.10.2015
Increase in their platter sizes according to the money they charge
5 Stars18.8.2015
لو كان في اكثر من 10 كنت عطيتهم

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