KEI Restaurant #7
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5 Stars9.1.2020
I like the way they serve the food, utensils are well arranged. Staff was very polite and helpful. Overall our experience was great.
5 Stars6.8.2019
I love it nothing need more
1 Stars18.12.2018
The owner of the restaurant is concerned with quality of food and its reflected in the final product. The quality of ingredients is high, but the price is higher. I usually leave the restaurant satisfied, knowing that the quality is reliable. I'd like to see more ingenuity and innovation when it comes to the menu. Edo's veggie roll vs Kei's is a good example of what menu creativity can offer.
5 Stars6.8.2018
Friendly staff and authentic Japanese food
3 Stars6.10.2015
زياده خيارات المنيو
5 Stars11.12.2014
I love Kei. One of my family's favourite restaurants in Kuwait and definitely our favourite Japanese restaurant. Great Staff, great service and great food. I only wish they kept the branch in Marina open, but then again, Marina is always crowded so who cares!
3 Stars9.12.2014
Best service provided by ukea wlrady
5 Stars17.11.2014
It is just amazing!
5 Stars8.12.2013
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