Ayam Zaman #22
Gourmania International
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5 Stars20.3.2023
روووعة في التعامل والأسعار مناسبه جدا كل التوفيق
0.5 Stars11.5.2022
الخدمه داخل المطعم سيئة والتأخير في الخدمه وتقديم الطلب
0.5 Stars12.9.2021
Salmiya holiday inn branch was very disappointing. The waiters took ages to not only take our order but even after waiting for more than 20 minutes for the check, we finally had to go to the counter to clear our bill. Moreover there’s no non smoking area, couldn’t bear the shisha fumes all around. More focus of all the staff was for shisha customers. Never faced such experience in farwaniya branch
5 Stars15.6.2021
a bit pricey as compare to the food they offer and portion is less as compared to other food chains
0.5 Stars16.3.2021
Food is delicious but the price is quite high
1 Stars23.12.2020
less variety, same menus since ages, prices are little high
0.5 Stars3.12.2020
الاسعار عالية و جودة المنتج أصبحت اقل و مع كل تكرار الزيارة تلاحظ انخفاض الجودة
3 Stars21.11.2020
Love the ambiance! Authentic arabic food. But a bit pricey
1 Stars10.11.2020
The staff is attentive. Menu is currently limited. the complimentary Olives and soaked almonds are not offered unless asked.
0.5 Stars22.7.2020
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