Al-Mayass #11
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3 Stars8.12.2022
Outside seating is prefect and breakfast is amazing
5 Stars23.5.2021
اكلهم عجيب لذيذ جدا
0.5 Stars29.12.2020
الطعام غالي جدا بالنسبة للكمية القليلة غير مشبع
3 Stars22.11.2020
الفرع يحتاج مساحه اوسع لانتظار السيارات.
3 Stars22.12.2019
I like Al-Mayass. The location is good although the parking In Palms can get crowded. The place is nice, especially the outdoor area! Such a nice atmosphere! The staff is really nice and quick and the food isnt bad! It’s not my favourite Lebanese but their lentil soup is AMAZING and overall it’s worth visiting because of all the positives!!
0.5 Stars7.11.2018
Reception employees need to be more ... receptive
5 Stars28.10.2018
من افضل الاماكن للمشويات اللبنانية
1 Stars4.3.2018
الجودة والخدمة والمكان جيد كله
0.5 Stars27.11.2016
I didn't like the taste of its food much... Their mushroom soup tasted like the one that is prepared from a sachet and their grilled items were average. We have actually tried a many of the items on the menu since we were a party of 4 but nothing really impressed us...
3 Stars24.11.2016
Parking& better quality for food and shisha

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