Shawarma Shuwaikh #23
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3 Stars22.9.2023
It's still my go-to shawarma option!
3 Stars22.9.2023
Best shawerma in Kuwait, hands down! The meat shawerma is especially excellent. Their packaging is beautiful!
2.5 Stars19.10.2022
I tried Shawarma Shuwaikh recently based on a friend's recommendation and I was not disappointed! Simple menu, but everything tastes great and it seems like they use good quality ingredients. This is now my favorite shawarma shop in Kuwait!
0.5 Stars14.5.2022
شاورما سعرها غالي قبل كانت احلا من لحين
3 Stars18.12.2019
Looooove this place! We ordered food to the office and they sent non plastic utensils and plates and gum! So thoughtful! Loved the experience
2 Stars19.11.2019
my childhood memories .... something that reminds me of old Kuwait. Wow

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