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2.5 Stars16.5.2023
Papa jones most of all flavours are best and papa jones is the best Only one bad thing for papa jones is they don't have any proper sitting restaurants where we can dine in like othersThey should must have some nice and good atmosphere done in restaurants like they have in dubai and other countries Thumbs up for the papa jones
0.5 Stars19.3.2023
The quality is coming down
1.5 Stars15.3.2023
عمل عروض جيده
1.5 Stars9.3.2023
costly for the food served.. did not meet taste expectations
2.5 Stars1.3.2023
Need more value promotions and must have branches for dining.. also need to do more ads
3 Stars17.1.2023
always they never fail to make my tummy happy .
2.5 Stars30.12.2022
عدد الفروع قليل .. لا يوجد دعاية أو إعلانات بما معناه ليس معروف او غير منتشر بشكل كبير مقارنة مع مطاعم البيتزا الأخرى رغم تميزه بطعم بيتزا لذيذ
2.5 Stars16.12.2022
I love papa John’s ❤️
2.5 Stars12.12.2022
They are underrated and should deserve more exposure. I'm always coming back for their garlic butter

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