Blaze Pizza #11
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5 Stars7.2.2024
The experience of making a pizza of your choice is very good.The staff is also very supportive in what you should add in your pizza and what not.Preparation time is also very fast.Overall excellent experience.
5 Stars21.1.2024
Value for money. i like that i can add what i like in my pizza.
5 Stars31.12.2023
عجينه البتزا ولا احلى . بيتزا خفيفة ولذيذة
5 Stars2.12.2023
Always a delight to visit .
5 Stars16.5.2023
It is a good option to have blaze pizza some time with full stuffed ingredients It is always mouth watering to have it
1 Stars13.11.2022
Wish the pizzas were bigger
0.5 Stars8.11.2022
They serve pizza the size of a large slice for the price of a full sized pizza.
5 Stars20.10.2022
Prices are abit expensive, but the food is overall very good and pizza is delicious!
0.5 Stars2.10.2022
I tried Blaze as it was recommended by some friends. Unfortunately, it was very disappointing. The crust was too much like cardboard and the pizza did not have significant flavor. I have had worse, but this was a big disappointment. I'll be looking for other restaurants the next time I am craving pizza.
5 Stars25.8.2022
خفيفه والطعم ولا اروع

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