AlBohayra Farm #1
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2.5 Stars16.5.2023
وجهة مناسبة جدا لقضاء عطلة نهاية اسبوع بعيدا عن زحام المدينة في أجواء تناسب جميع افراد العائلة كبار و أطفال.المنتجات طازجة ومتنوعة وعالية الجودة. الأسعار نوعا ما مرتفعة لكن لا شكوى لدي مقابل جودتها.
3 Stars14.3.2023
A great place to spend the day with your family, a fun place with a variety of things to do for adults and kids.
3 Stars26.1.2023
Great place to be as a family and friends
3 Stars9.1.2023
Super fun place for the family, definitely recommend before winter is over. Love their workshops too!
3 Stars30.12.2022
Perfect family business
3 Stars11.12.2022
Best place to visit 👍It's worth, spending your time there 😊
3 Stars3.12.2022
its winter time and we always have a very nice experience every time we went here. fresh fruits lovely place 🥰

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