Abercrombie & Fitch #40
Majid Al Futtaim
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1.5 Stars28.12.2022
I'm in my mid 50s and never thought I'd buy from here. But I needed a sweater and my daughter ducked in. Ended up with a sweater and jacket, both fit good and felt high quality. Not cheap but hopefully quality worth it. Salesman was friendly and helpful.
3 Stars20.6.2021
ممتازة لكن الأسعار عالية الى حدِِ ما .
3 Stars16.12.2020
Great clothing line..but for some reason they don’t go on sale..would love get my hands on some 50% sale stuff. I believe they would do good
3 Stars31.12.2019
عروض الخصومات جدا ممتازة بالمقارنة مع جودة الملابس
3 Stars8.12.2019
I love their products but it’s overpriced. Same items can be bought 40% less in other countries. Should improve this.
3 Stars23.11.2019
Love love their jeans and the variety from regular to tall. Worth the money from tshirts to everything. You get what you pay for.
2.5 Stars30.7.2019
The collections are awesome but too highly-priced.
1.5 Stars30.4.2019
I love their collections however their prices are a little bit high. I hope they will bring kids store soon to Kuwait
3 Stars23.2.2019
FIERCE perfume is LOVE!!! I hope they will have more sale events because this brand is great. quality at its best - cloth/fabrics will not change. just keep the prices on a reasonable level.
3 Stars26.12.2018

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