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3 Stars5.2.2024
I am so much satisfied, no complains they are very good
2.5 Stars28.12.2023
وجبات قليله واختيارات قليله
3 Stars16.11.2023
always busy specially on week ends
3 Stars12.6.2023
I recently had an experience at Raising Cane's that initially left me a bit disappointed. I ordered my usual meal, eagerly anticipating the flavorful chicken strips, toast, and tangy sauce that I've come to love. However, to my surprise, my order arrived with just a single lonely chicken strip in the box, and nothing else. Raising Cane's quickly resolved the issue, acknowledging the mistake and sending a replacement order promptly. Their swift action and genuine apology turned my disappointment into appreciation. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and delicious food, they have become my top choice.
3 Stars2.3.2023
الاسعار غاليه
3 Stars18.8.2022
Yummy 😋 and crispy all time favorite 😍
3 Stars15.8.2022
The pepsi turn into water, it’s better change it to can if it’s take out. Specially in drive thru 😌. But the food is ok. Thanks 😌
3 Stars19.3.2022
جيد جدا. القيمة مرتفعة نوعا ما

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